"Be the change you want to see in the world" - This quote is one of the many life changing words of wisdom Karuna has said to me. It resonated deep in my soul.”

Nicole R.

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Karuna is an amazing practitioner! She has an intimate connection to the plant realms. She brings forth profound wisdom and compassion in each session. I always feel witnessed and supported by her. She has been a constant support through my successes and challenges. I highly recommend her services.

Shona Jones-Banfield

Karuna and her essence treatments have been the missing link in my long journey for emotional and physical healing. The essences are like Karuna's magic wand, and she's truly a skilled master of this unique modality that has helped me like nothing else. My symptoms have decreased almost completely, my vital energy is back and I feel like myself for the first time in what seems like my entire life. I am free! Not only has Karuna helped heal me in this miraculous way, but she has educated me and shared her own experiences so I forever have this knowledge and can treat myself if needed. She enjoys her practice and sharing with her clients so she's a lot of fun to work with! Most importantly, I've always felt deeply supported by Karuna. She really listens and receives my words about how I'm feeling and what is present for me without an agenda or judgment. She genuinely wants to understand and support her clients in the best way for them. Karuna is a powerful, nurturing and insightful medicine woman for both humans and animals. She also treated my dog, and I immediately noticed a huge change in his energy and demeanor. I fully believe Karuna and the essences can help anyone, and I will be sending loved ones in need of this healing to her. Her treatments, education and support are priceless to me because they changed my health and life forever. What a blessing! I have infinite gratitude and love for you, Karuna!

Alexandra - California

Be the change you want to see in the world" - This quote is one of the many life changing words of wisdom Karuna has said to me. It resonated deep in my soul. I never thought about life like that. Most of my life I felt “stuck” between who I was and who I am destined to become. I view my life as a puzzle- millions of pieces just floating in my head trying to find a way to fit together. Each piece represents parts of my past, present and future self and I have difficulty putting them together. Karuna has this gift of helping me sort through the pieces to make connections between my past and present self. She provides me with strategies, exercises and never ending support. Through the darkest of my days to seeing the light and making some pretty awesome accomplishments, Karuna has been a constant in my life. She's been guiding me through my emotional journey and has always showed up for me. I have been working with Karuna since 2016 using Flower Essence and Gem treatments. The Gem treatments provide me with a more holistic approach to healing my body. Karuna has taught me how to listen and trust what my body needs. The Flower Essence has had such a gentle and meaningful impact in my life. Karuna spends time creating formulas that are unique to my needs. She puts thought into each formula and makes sure to check-in with me. I am beyond blessed to have such a spiritual, animal loving, talented, and inspirational woman in my life. Karuna has taught me how to be mindful of my body, mind and spirit. Her unwavering support provides me with strength and encouragement. She has this ability to put my feelings into words and make connections that resonate with me. To put it simply, Karuna just gets me.

Nicole R. - New York

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